Scottish Producer Pools Extensive Experience To Launch His New Album

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Reole, with jazz and the Creole of his youth in Louisiana at his roots, likes to keep it real for his jazzy, soulful and funky productions by discovering underground singer songwriters to complete his unique sound of digital processing, using tubes and valves and his own secret ingredients.


The in-house producer for audio company Zendell, who create TV commercials for clients including Sony, Suzuki, Yahoo and FIFA, has sought underground singers and songwriters to bring texture and flavour to tracks on his forthcoming album.

reole_squatReole, a Scottish music producer who lived for a short time in New Zealand, takes his name from Creole, a music style based on folk, which originated in his childhood New Orleans in the 18th Century.

Born in Scotland and raised in New Orleans, Reole started his musical life playing brass in the Mardi Gras parades. Reole then joined Ritchie Ruftone on pirate radio and today he produces for Ruftone, who has won both the UK DMC Championships and UK Battle for World Supremacy heats two years running Reole is cutting vinyl to prepare Ruftone to defend his title this year at the O2 in Greenwich.


In March 2013, Reole unleashed his first album Ya Heard Me, which spread across the US and mainland Europe, as a project while producing TV commercials for Zendell.

Reole provided drums, programming and mixing alongside top musicians; bassist Geoff Gascoyne, brass player Ed Jones and vocalist Bridge Fazio to promote the new Sony Vivid E Series laptop.

Drawing on the ingredients of a popular dish from his childhood in Louisiana, gumbo soup, Reole believes some underground singer-songwriters deserve their space out there. He says his music is about “keeping it real,” and he says, “the music doesn’t get caked up in digital processing. I thrive off sending everything through valves and tubes.”


Reole gives vocals his secret ingredient and wants to let his music do the talking.

Although his main backbone is jazz, Reole feels music is music as, he says, “it can’t be pushed onto anyone, you either like it or you don’t.”

His forthcoming album ‘Hear Come the Drums’ is soulful, funky, jazzy and eclectic and will be released worldwide on 29 September 2014 on Anjou Banjo Recordings.

Live Musician Finds Unlimited Possibilities for Creating Music through Synths and his Digital Audio Workstation

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After playing guitar in bands as a student, Sevenski’s music was unleashed by working with producers in digital studios and now he launches a single with 5 club mixes from his own studio.

Sevenski_Logo_WhiteSevenski is a dance music producer of Russian descent, who was raised in Hampshire and now has his own studio in Essex which gives him quick access to London’s mastering studios and clubs.


With a passion for a strong melody, Sevenski’s influences range from film soundtracks to various dance genres, producers like Paul Van Dyke and Ferry Corsten‘s remix of Barbers Adagio For Strings. Axwell, Alesso, Ingrosso, Hardwell, Arty, deadmau5 and Above & Beyond.

Comparing the process of creating dance music to playing his material on stage with a band, Sevenski says: “I discovered that apart from some essential technical detail it’s down to personal self-expression….a bit like an artist with a colour palette”.


As a student, Sevenski played in live bands before he developed an obsession with Virus synths and computer digital audio workstations (DAW) and proceeded to set up his own production studio.

Sevenski says: “I’ve learned a great deal from working with other producers both technically and creatively and Interacting and recording with live vocalists and writing songs have added further to the experience, fun and creativity. For me a great vocal and top line often inspires a great tune and capturing genuine expression and feeling is my ultimate goal”. 

Up and coming DJs The Flash Brothers have already got behind Sevenski’s work and he is enjoying great reactions in UK’s Clubs.

The brand new single “Take a Breath” is out on Elliptic Records on 11 August 2014 and includes 5 Club mixes.


Chris Brown – New Flame (Audio) ft. Usher, Rick Ross

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Published on 30 Jun 2014

“New Flame” Featuring Usher & Rick Ross Available Now On iTunes!

Music video by Chris Brown feat. Usher & Rick Ross performing New Flame. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Very British Folk Pop Musician gives Prince some Competition with his band’s musical arrangements

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Very British Folk Pop Musician gives Prince some Competition with his band’s musical arrangements

Until 2008, Boz Hayward was a punk musician who once rehearsed in rooms next door to the Happy Mondays and Oasis in the basement of Manchester’s famous Boardwalk nightclub, back in its heyday. When his bassist and close friend died, Boz turned to folk and acoustic pop to focus on his songwriting.

Boz with guitar on bedThe Bozchestra is the affectionate name for Boz’s band who accompany him on an array of instruments combining guitar, mariachi bass, violins, trumpets, keyboards, glockenspiel, the Russian domra, mandolin, dulcimer and slide guitar with percussion and drums.

Frequent line-up

The most frequent Bozchestra line-up are Phil Robinson on ‘guitarron’ bass, Mark Greer on slide guitar, Rick Burrows on brass, Dan Bridgwood-Hill on strings and keys and Rob Haynes on percussion and drums.

Born in Hereford, Boz’s family moved around with his father’s RAF work. Boz went to Manchester Poly and based his musical operations from Manchester’s thriving Boardwalk basement rehearsal studios.

Not one to refuse a “crooner” set with a piano, Boz also composes instrumentals and film music, which lead to his Shortscores album in 2013.

Boz composes for himself with the Bozchestra, although his creative output is constant and he has song material to spare for other performers.

Acoustic pop

The acoustic pop and urban folk music Boz plays is quintessentially English, something charming that had been sadly lost amongst the diversification of today’s mainstream genres.

The brand new album ‘Light and Dark’ will be released on 29 September 2014 on Bert Weill Productions with distribution from AWAL. 



Kiesza’s career taking off

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Kiesza's appearance at Glastonbury in the Sonic tent
Kiesza’s appearance at Glastonbury in the Sonic tent
Kiesza has a discussion with Nate Valentino who had found early appreciation for her new house style.
Kiesza has a discussion with Nate Valentino who had found early appreciation for her new house style.

She’s got her 2nd single out in August and already headline gigs and TV appearances are flooding in for Kiesza. She did a 45 minute set at Glastonbury and is appearing just about everywhere following her April number 1 with Hideaway.

Giant in My Heart was premiered by Annie Mac on 13 June and is out in August, and it’s got Kiesza’s distinctive new tune with a 90s feel to it.

Backstage at Sonic in Glastonbury, Kiesza had time to meet Nate Valentino, a DJ from Cornwall, who had started playing Hideaway as soon as he heard it well before its release date.

Here’s Kiesza’s recent appearance on Letterman

Giant in My Heart


Iggy Azalea Sets a Record & Ed Sheeran Tops Billboard 200

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Iggy Azalea has been holding down the #1 spot on the Hot 100 with ‘Fancy’ and even if her track were to fall off next week it wouldn’t matter because SHE has set a record as the longest reigning female rapper on the Hot 100. With her reign reaching it’s 6th week she has surpassed Lil Kim who was in the top spot for 5 weeks for the ‘Lady Marmalade’ collab.

She’s living sky high right now. ‘Fancy’ and ‘Problem’ are doing well not only on the charts, but on the radio as well. She just performed at the BET Awards, yet social media is EGGING on a feud between her and Nicki Minaj. It was said that in Nicki’s speech for her win of Best Female Hip Hop Artist that she threw shots at Iggy Azalea who had performed previously before her win. In her speech Nicki said that…

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